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Submissions open now!

Today is the day - as we officially launch the Louise Rennison National Funny Award 2020 - a new writing and performing arts competition designed to showcase the creative and comedic talents of young people in the UK.

Inspired by the legacy of late Author and comedian Louise Rennison, the award encourages 11 to 18 year olds to create original comedy by submitting up to 1,000 words or three pages of creative copy or a funny video performance of up to three minutes.

Our competition is free to enter, with submissions open from today (April 1st) closing on August 31st, where our panel of judges will select the overall competition winners – set to be revealed in October.

CBBC Presenter and awards judge Ben Shires says, “In these bizarre times when schools are closed and the world is all looking a bit gloomy, the Louise Rennison National Funny Award gives young people up and down the country a great way to get creative and focus on something positive and fun.”

Ben continues, “Whether you think you’re funny or not, it really doesn’t matter - it’s all about trying something new and having a laugh whilst doing it. I think we can all agree, more laughter is exactly what the country needs right now - especially the younger generation – so get involved and let’s all have a good old giggle!”

Check out our new trailer below:

Our competition falls into two categories:

- Comedic Writing (up to 1,000 words of creative copy – this could be a short story, a script, a screen play, a book chapter or an article for a magazine or newspaper).

- Comedic Performance (up to three minutes of video – this could be a scene for a film, a TV show, a play, an advert or a stand-up performance).

Submissions will be judged in two age bands: 11 to 14 and 15 to 18 with the option to enter as an individual or a group (up to four people maximum).

There will be prizes for first place and runners up prizes for all finalists - that include interactive comedic and creative writing and performance workshops with established writers and comedians; with over 100 books to be given away to runners up - courtesy of our friends at Harper Collins.

Created by Louise’s family, her sister Sophie Severs explains, “Louise was such a beloved talent, who enjoyed nothing more than to make people smile through her storytelling. The creation of this award is not only to honour her legacy, but to inspire positivity and creativity in the next generation through the power of comedy. This is reflected in the experiences we are offering as prizes. It’s not about winning an award to sit on the mantel piece – winners will have the opportunity to undertake immersive workshops with some of the top creative and comedic talent in the country.”

Open to everyone falling in the age categories, Sophie continues, “Most of all the award is about exploring comedy, trying something different and having fun!”

Get creative and #ShowYourFunnySide


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