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Welcome to The Louise Rennison National Funny Award 2020!

Get ready to show your funny side - in a brand new writing and performing arts competition designed to showcase the creative and comedic talents of young people across the UK.

Life can be a little too serious at times ... so this year, we've decided to lighten things up a little by creating a brand new award to celebrate the funnier side of life!

In the name of beloved author and comedian Louise Rennison, our new national funny award challenges 11 to 18 year olds up and down the country to give comedy a go ...

You don't need any prior comedic experience, it's all about having fun and trying something new. You never know how funny you might find you are - or how funny others find you - and what better gift to give, than the gift of laughter :)

The competition is entirely free to enter, and you can submit as many entries as you like!

Submissions can be anything from writing a short story to recording a stand up performance or singing a silly song - how you show your funny side is completely up to you.

The competition opens on 1st April 2020 (April Fools Day), with submissions closing on August 31st 2020.

There are two age groups and four categories:

11-14 years old Comedic Writing (Individual)

11-14 years old Comedic Writing (Group)*

11 -14 years old Comedic Performance (Individual)

11 -14 years old Comedic Performance (Group)*

15-18 years old Comedic Writing (Individual)

15-18 years old Comedic Writing (Group)*

15-18 years old Comedic Performance (Individual)

15-18 years old Comedic Performance (Group)*

*Group entries are capped at a maximum of four people/collaborators per group submission.

To submit your entries, you will need to create a FilmFreeway account (it's free) and submit via our FilmFreeway submission page - which also contains lots more info about the rules (If you are under the age of 18 you will need permission from an adult).

We'll be making announcements about special prizes that will be up for grabs in the coming months, so stay tuned for updates - where you can also keep up with the latest news by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter.

We can't wait to see your entries - we're sure you'll have us rolling on the floor in fits of laughter and amazed by your comedic creativity ... !


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