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Lights, camera, action.

As we get closer to submissions opening next month - we recently paid a visit to Kent - teaming up with The Amelia Appleby School of Performing Arts for a photo and video shoot. ... and what a fun day it was!

Pupils in the school entertained us with their jokes, skits, performances and short stories, as we captured the spirit and fun of our award on camera!

Founder of The Amelia Appleby School of Performing Arts, Amelia Appleby says, "It's our pleasure to team up with The Louise Rennison National Funny Award - it's such a great concept to help encourage more young people to explore comedy through writing and performance. We had so much fun helping with the video and photo shoot; I honestly haven’t seen so much laughter amongst young people for a long time! We can't wait to put forward some scripts and poems for the award itself when entries open on April 1st!"

We're excited to share our new video with you soon, but in the meantime, check out the gallery below for a few behind the scenes pics from the day ...


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