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Let your creativity take off with Rocketbook

We are delighted to join forces with the team from Rocketbook - who have very kindly donated 50 e-notebooks as prizes to the Louise Rennison National Funny Award 2020.

Brilliantly clever smart notebooks; the Rocketbook system connects traditional handwriting surfaces with the power of the cloud; enabling you to scribble down your notes and comedic ideas in a reusable book, before syncing up your notes with their free app to make your writing digital.

Rocketbooks feel like traditional notebooks but are endlessly reusable and easily connect to your favourite cloud service.

A fantastic way to enjoy the classic pen and paper experience, but to keep your notes saved digitally – and get creative with your comedic ideas!

Ben Hofman, Founder of Atlantic Access and European partner for Rocketbook says, “It’s our pleasure to make a prize donation to the Louise Rennison National Funny Award – a great initiative and fun way to get creative and inspire confidence through comedy. We wish all the entrants well and hope the winners enjoy the Rocketbook experience – as a way to help capture and develop their creative ideas now and in the future!.”

Check out the video below to see how Rocketbooks work.

Submissions to the Louise Rennison National Funny Award 2020 close on August 31st.

Click here to enter now and submit your individual or group entries today.


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