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Freedom Studios Comedy Workshop

We are delighted to announce that Natalie Quatermass and Kathryn Hanke from the amazing Freedom Studios in Bradford, are kindly donating their time to hold a special online comedy workshop for winners of the Louise Rennison National Funny Award 2020!

Natalie is the Youth Theatre Director at Freedom Studios and believes youth theatre should enable young people to discover their creative voice and then act as a microphone for that voice. She regularly holds workshops for young people aiming to learn more about comedy and teenagers who are eager to explore their comedic interests.

Joined by Kathryn, who has vast comedic experience herself - having spent nine years performing with sketch comedy troupe "The Dog-Eared Collective" and appearing on BBC One prank show Richard Hammond's Secret Service (2013).

Since becoming a solo performer, Kathryn has appeared in comic ads for Michael Cumming (director of Brass Eye and Toast of London) and Peter Cattaneo (director of The Full Monty). She has also written comedy for BBC Radio Scotland (Lewis McLeods Wired News, 2016) and several award-winning comic short films.

Natalie says, “Louise Rennison’s books are an inspiration for so many young people and we are thrilled to see her legacy continue through the launch of the National Funny Award”.

Natalie continues, “Both Kathryn and I are really excited to work with the award winners to help them explore comedy a little further; thinking about new ways they can experiment with comedic performance through our online workshop. Comedy is such a great way in which to learn new skills and build confidence, both on and off stage. It’s our pleasure to be involved in this special award”.

To help in preparing your award submissions and to provide a little taste of the comedy workshop she has in store; Natalie has also put together a short video with some ideas, insights and exercises for you to try at home.

Check out the full video below:

Submissions close on Monday 31st August and are open for all 11-18 year olds in the UK. Learn more and submit your entries for free here.


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